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Frank Leah Frank LEAH (1886-1972)
is a designer and British professional cartoonist who worked for various media in Ireland. He was renown for the accuracy of his many portraits of the deceased in front of members of their families, as can be seen below cons right (From "Faces of the living Dead". Paul Miller, Ed. Psychic Press Ltd., 1995 UK, page 52).

Frank Leah Image

Coral Polge Image
Sketched in 1972 | Deceased in 1930

Coral POLGE (1924-2001)
is an English medium, who has produced wonderful mediumistic portraits visible on the web or as here, on the left side, in her biography ("Living Pictures". Coral Polge & Kay Hunter. The Spiritualist Association of Great Britain, 1991, page 78).

Coral Polge